Coralia (handbag)


Made with two different antique bronze plated chains, bronze/gold teardrop beads, antique bronze plated flower charms and finished with our unique LIMBS OF LIANA pendant. The handbag itself has a deep dark blue/green dark colour, two main pockets on the inside, one small zipper on the inside and one more small pocket on the inside.

Please note that our adorned upcycled handbags are all enhanced with pieces including upcycled, pre-owned and deadstock items. Even though all of our handbags are in good condition, these handbags have all lived a life before, so please be aware of imperfections.
Every little detail contributes to the uniqueness and own stories of these gorgeous handbags.

Length about 18 cm / 7 inch
Width about 21 cm / 8.3 inch

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